[text_output]Arcticart Is based in the town Pitea. Just a little bit south of the arctic circle
Our specialty has been to cast tin products. Most of our motives are from the nature
The motives are mainly animals and fishes found in our northern climate.
Animals and fish with great detail and different uses.
Nice jewelry either as a necklace or in hats or in the jacket
Perfect as present or gift
All our products are handmade in our workshop, which means that you will get a unique  product from north of Sweden
The motifs have amazing detail with 3D feel.
Our products are suitable for everyone regardless of style or clothing, sporty, nightlife or elegant.
Jewelry raises any clothes and creates a unique look that can turn a regular day into a moment that is remembered forever
Jewelry creates a stylish look
Retailers are requested

Retailers are requested


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